Jan 13, 2018

Yes, we have moved =]

This was my first blog I started in 2009, it's still a nice little archive of my drawings throughout the years. 

We've moved here now! --> www.instagram.com/chubbiscomics

Just thought I should let you know =]

Apr 28, 2015

New website on its way!

Yes - that's right! A Chubbis website is in the making!  But first...Some of the most exciting things to have happened yet -- I just had my first exhibition of Chubbis last weekend, and also had my first interview in the newspaper!!!!!

1st Exhibition at Chromacon in Auckland, New Zealand:

I had both of my first card collections for sale, (the Love cards, and Celebratory cards) as well as the "Chubbi Thought Cookies" I once dreamt up!!!

Some photos from the exhibition..

Chubbis drawings and prints :)

Limited edition Love cards - these have a special feel to them and were super hard to print!

The first Chubbi cards - Celebratory cards!  Coming soon to a Chubbi online store near you.. :D

Anddd.... *REAL* Chubbi Thought Cookies!!! A while back I had this idea of having funny and meaningful messages inside fortune cookies, which became a series I drew called "Chubbi Thought Cookies".  I thought it'd be really cool to have boxes of these selling in a supermarket one day.  And for this first exhibition I managed to make them individually!  Inside each cookie you would find my favourite "Chubbi Thought Cookie" comic. :)  I wondered if people would like this idea (and if I was going to be left with hundreds of fortune cookies), but they SOLD OUT on BOTH DAYS! :D

(Close up!)

(it was this comic inside):


Me taking Chubbi drawing requests, just like old times!  Like the lanterns? :)

It was the best first exhibit I could have hoped for.  I hadn't really shown Chubbis to people other than friends and family so it was so nice to meet people who liked it and got the jokes :)  Thank you to everyone who dropped by!  

First-time in Newspaper - in The Waikato Times!! :
On the first day of the event, The Waikato Times printed an article which included me and 3 other exhibiting artists from Hamilton - my hometown where I grew up and where my idea for Chubbis all began.  

The online version:


Growing up I used to wait for the paper to arrive and quickly flip to the back to see if the comics that day were good enough to cut out and keep.  It was always Peanuts and Garfield and I wondered why there weren't more comics around.
I always wanted to see Chubbis in The Waikato Times! :D

I'm currently working on some exciting things for Chubbis, including a move from this Blogspot blog to a new website.  This blog will be kept open for those who'd like to read my older comics and posts.
Find Chubbis on Facebook (we're at www.facebook.com/chubbiscomics), I'll be posting about the new projects there! 

If you're reading this, you're friends, family, one of my first readers around the world (not sure how you found me but that's really cool!) and possibly saw me at the exhibition.  Thanks for dropping by and I hope you'll like the new site I'm working on!

Till next time!
- Amy =]

Feb 8, 2012

Chubbis' super special first-ever giveaway!

In my first Chubbi blog post I mentioned there could be lucky giveaways in the future. That was 2 and a half years ago.  Now here it is!  And the prize? 

None other than the first-ever Chubbis greeting cards.

Thankyou to all who have stopped by. Enter away! 

competition details:

Dec 7, 2011

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Aug 30, 2011

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